Eglish N.S Booklist  and 6th Class 2018-2019

Items to be purchased

Please note there is one book to be purchased.

Maths Time 6 for 6th class children (EDCO)

  • 88 page sum copies with small squares (x 3)
  • 120 page lined copies (x 8)
  • B2 handwriting copy
  • Small notebook
  • Homework diary (any kind)
  • Tin whistle D
  • Plastic envelope folders A4 (x 6)
  • Hardback copies A4 (x 3)
  • Display pocket folder 20 page (x2)
  • Pencil case
  • -2 blue biros, 2 black biros, 2 red biros, 4 pencils, Ruler 30cm, 2 erasers, 2 pencil sharpeners, 3 gluesticks, twistables or colouring pencils, 3 whiteboard markers
  • Maths set with protractor, compass, set square
  • Calculator
  • Indoor shoes (To prevent dirt being brought in after breaks. These can be any type of inexpensive shoes eg. slippers, crocs, canvas shoes, etc.)
  • Any items you already have from this year, for example, folders, calculator, tin-whistle or unused copies will be kept and reused. These can be ticked off the booklist before purchasing anything new. Ms. Moclair
  • *All other books will be available through the book rental scheme.

This year, again, we have made a huge effort (the biggest effort so far) to reduce the number of books that parents will have to buy for their children.This means that the school’s photocopying and School Book Rental cost may be slightly increased. The Book rental fee, photocopying fee and art/craft materials fee is €30 per child, payable to the school in June on receipt of the ‘Back to School Allowance’ or before 29th of August, 2018.

We ask for all parents’ cooperation in paying the Book Rental / photocopying fee on or before the specified date.

Please label all clothes, pencils, copies etc., and all other equipment with your child’s name.

Thank you.Ms. Fitzgerald