Eglish NS. Book List Junior Infants 2018-2019

Items to be purchased

  • Maths: Planet Maths Junior Infants (Folens) Please make sure the Number Practice book is included.
  • Write Here A
  • A pair of indoor shoes ( slip on, no laces) for your child such as slippers, crocs, canvas shoes, old shoes, etc. – to be kept in school
  • (Outdoor shoes with Velcro or slip ONLY on should be worn unless your child can tie their own laces independently)


  • 1 Junior sum copies (20mm Square)
  • 5blank copies (No lines)
  • 3projectcopies 15A (Top is blank, bottom is wide ruled)
  • 1 A 5 hardback copy
  • 1 A 4 hardback copy


  • 3 whiteboard markers
  • 2A4 envelope plastic folders (with button fastener)
  • 1 display pocket folder (20 pages)
  • Pencil Case the child can manage themselves
  • 5 TRIANGULAR Pencils
  • 3 erasers
  • 1 Sharpener – big enough for triangular pencils
  • 2 Glue (Please buy Pritstick – it lasts longer)
  • 1 set of TWISTABLES (crayons) – NO colouring pencils or markers please

Children will label and store extra stationery in school for use during the year

Múinteoir Siobhán

This year, again, we have made a huge effort (the biggest effort so far) to reduce the number of books that parents will have to buy for their children.This means that the school’s photocopying and School Book Rental cost may be slightly increased. The Book rental fee, photocopying fee and art/craft materials fee is €30 per child, payable to the school in June on receipt of the ‘Back to School Allowance’ or before your child starts school.

We ask for all parents’ cooperation in paying the Book Rental / photocopying fee on or before the specified date.

Please label all clothes, pencils, copies etc., and all other equipment with your child’s name.

Thank you.Ms. Fitzgerald