Policy on the use of the School for Purposes other than the Education of Pupils.

This policy has been drawn up by the Board of Management of Eglish National School, and shall remain the policy until amended or replaced by the Board.

The Board of Management, being mindful of the community’s contribution to the school funding, shall endeavour to make the school available to local organisations and individuals outside of school hours subject to the following conditions:

1)That prior permission of the Board of Management is obtained.

2)That the assent of the trustees (patron be obtained).

3)That an undertaking be given that every care will be taken to safeguard school property and that any damage to the school premises or equipment will be made good by those responsible for the activity.

4)That arrangements are made to leave the premises (including out offices) in a clean and tidy condition for the reception of pupils, so that schoolwork will not be interrupted.

5)That the activities envisaged should terminate at a reasonable hour.

6)That an adequate insurance policy, indemnifying the School Board against loss or damage to be taken out, and a copy of same be lodged with the Board of Management.

7)The Board shall insure that sufficient charge is made to cover any expense incurred in providing heating and lighting, and for the opening and closing of the school. Until changed by the Board, the contribution for such expenses shall be …… to individuals and groups from Eglish/Ahascragh. For individuals or groups from outside these areas, or for activities other than meetings, the Board shall decide on an appropriate charge in each case.