We are a Health Promoting School

Fergal, the school dentist, told us how to brush our teeth

- 5 circles on the front top and bottom teeth

- 10 at the back top and bottom teeth

Then brush up and down inside and along the surfaces. 

He said mouthwash has been proven to work best if used at a different time of a day to brushing.

He recommended that we continue to eat fruit and vegetables but suggested eating a little cube of cheese after fruit to neutralise the acid and sugar. He warned against eating raisins as snacks.

He said sugary cereals should as Cocopops and Frosties were not good for our teeth. 

The best drinks according to Dentist Fergal were Milk and Water. Ribena and Fruit Juices should not be drank every day.

Thanks for all the information Dentist Fergal.