Work Experience Policy

The Board of Management and staff of Eglish NS are willing to provide opportunities of work experience for students from the wider school community.The following are the procedures under which this work experience can take place.

  • Places will be given on a priority basis to former pupils of the school
  • Only one participant at a time will be accepted on a work experience programme, except in exceptional circumstances
  • One work experience student or one teaching practise will be accepted in any one term, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Students must be fully insured while in the school by their respective college or school
  • The Principal and staff will endeavour to ensure that the time spent in the school by the student is beneficial and a positive learning experience
  • Students must at all times be respectful of all members of staff, Board of Management, parents and pupils - their actions and language while in the school must be exemplary and of a professional nature at all times
  • Students will be provided with copies of policies which are deemed necessary and appropriate for their work within the school and are expected to co-operate with the general rules, procedures and organisational policies of the school
  • Students should be willing to follow the instruction/guidance of the Principal, Deputy Principal, secretary or whichever staff member has been designated to supervise their duties
  • All matters pertaining to the staff, Board of Management, Parents Council, pupils or parents within the school community must be treated with the utmost confidentiality.Any breach of this requirement will be seen as a serious matter and your work experience may be terminated.
  • Any breaches of discipline observed among the pupils must be reported to one of the teaching staff and not dealt with by the student themselves
  • The pupils and staff will be expected to treat students on work experience programmes with respect at all times
  • All supervisors of work experience students, who visit the school,including teaching practice supervisors, will be expected to adopt a positive and respectful attitude towards their students, in keeping with the school ethos of providing a positive learning and working environment.
  • Duties can range from classroom assistant to office assistant to helping with any other task that is deemed suitable by the teacher, office staff or Principal
  • If a student wishes to leave the workplace during the school day he/she must seek permission from the Principal in advance
  • Eglish NS reserves the right to contact the college of the work experience student in order to ascertain whether that student is suitable for a placement in a primary school
  • All students must sign an agreement in advance of starting (see below). The agreement can be terminated at any time at the discretion of the Principal/Board of Management
  • A timetable will be drawn up for each student but he/she will be expected to be flexible in how they work
  • Any absences must be notified in advance to the school

The dress code is ‘smart casual’. Please bear in mind that visible tattoos, body piercings or bare midriffs may not be perceived as a reflection of professionalism.

Participants over 16 years of age should be vetted by their relevant organization?


PrincipalChairperson, BoM

Work Experience Agreement

I agree to participate in a work experience programme in Eglish NS on the following dates: ___________.

I agree to be in the school by ___ am and to remain until at least __ pm each day.

I agree to perform whatever duties are assigned to me to the best of my ability.

I have read the Welcome Pack provided by the school.

I understand the requirements in relation to my duties, the school’s dress code and the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

I also understand that breaching these requirements will be seen as a serious matter and that in some circumstances my work experience may be terminated.

Signed: _____________________ Work Experience Student

Date: ____________