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A note from the present Chairperson of our Parents' Association

Three of our parents who came to Spain with us in May 2015 as part of our  Erasmus Programme

"The parents have always played a very important part in the life of Eglish National School.

Years ago, the parents raised money for the repairs and maintenance of the school.

They also decided to get together and buy the field next to the school for the children to play in. Each family paid five pounds(in old money) per week until the field was paid off. The field is still owned by the parents association of Eglish National School, and that is why we have to raise money every year to pay for the insurance.

Some years ago the parents association raised money and bought a tractor mower to cut the grass in the big field. This mower is still the property of the parents association and is used to keep the big pitch in good order.

The Parent's association used to fund visits from Santa, where the pupils each received a gift from the big man himself every Christmas!

Parents have always been a huge help to the school. The Department of Education is making cutbacks in education and this is making it difficult for schools to pay basic bills such as heating and lighting.

Primary schools only get half of the funding Secondary schools get, even though the bills are the same. This often means that we have to rely on fundraising from the parents in order to get the resources we need for the children.

The parents of Eglish National School have always been brilliant to help out with fundraising. We make wreaths at Christmas, have Easter egg hunts at Easter, and we do other things, like Bag packing at Tesco's, Cake sales, Raffles, and anything we can do to raise money. This has meant that the school has excellent equipment and resources, and the children have everything they need.

Another very important role of the parent's association is the parent's representatives on the Board of Management.

It is very important that the parents have a say in the way the school is run. This is done by electing one male parent and one female parent to the Board of Management . This is done every four years.

The current Board of Management is coming to an end and a new Board will be elected in December.

One male parent and one female parent will represent all the parents on the Board, and help make sure parents have a say in how the school is run.

Eglish Parents Association is part of the National Parents Council. This means that parents have access to free courses run by the NPC in regard to parenting issues and to do with school and education.

The Parents Association is for all the parents at Eglish National School. Once your child is enrolled in the school, you automatically become a member of the Parent's Association.

It is very important that every parent takes part in meetings and activities so that every voice and point of view is heard.

We're all in it for the kids, after all!" - Elizabeth Mulry