Eglish N.S.

Healthy Eating Policy

Introductory Statement

This policy was devised by the HPS (Health Promoting Schools) committee in consultation with parents, teachers and pupils of Eglish N.S.


  • To promote and educate our children about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle

Growing concern about children’s health as the incidence of obesity among primary school children is growing.

As part of the HPS (Health Promoting Schools) programme.

As part of the Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.) curriculum and the Science curriculum.

Relationship to characteristic spirit of the school

In accordance with our aim to develop the pupils to the best of their ability, we see ourselves as having a role in the process of enabling pupils to increase control over and improve their health. Health is an integral part of the child’s education. It is part of their physical and academic development. A healthy lifestyle is essential for maintaining and protecting children’s health, for ensuring they perform to their full potential during the school day (both academically and physically) and for their growth and development.


Our aim is to help the students to develop a healthy lifestyle that, we hope, will continue into adulthood.

To heighten an awareness of the importance of a balanced diet.

To encourage the children to make wise choices about food and nutrition.

To raise levels of concentration within each class due to consumption of healthy food and drinks.

Healthy Lunch policy

      Lunch is an important meal for school going children. It should provide one third of their

      recommended daily allowance of nutrients, without being high in fat, sugar or salt. It should also

      provide enough dietary fibre. It is important for children to drink lots of water to ensure good

      concentration, so please encourage your child to bring a bottle of water.

The HPS Committee asked Parents, children and the school dentist to help compile a list of recommended foods/discouraged foods for lunch. From the information gathered the following guidelines emerged:

Recommended foods

Foods that are discouraged

Fruit (not dried fruit e.g. raisins)






Yoghurt (not corner yoghurts) –Natural yoghurt is best


Sandwiches/Wrap/pitta bread/rolls

Brown bread


Rice cakes/crackers


Popcorn (low fat, lightly salted)

Plain home baking –scones, buns



Chocolate bars

Chocolate spread



Cakes, biscuits, pastries, doughnuts

Chocolate chip brioche/croissants

Pancakes (shop bought)

Salted nuts

Fruit winders

Cereal bars



Chewing gum

Fizzy drinks

Capri sun, Ribeana

Diluted drinks e.g. miwadi, squash

In our school children eat twice a day, before going out to play. The children should bring healthy lunches Monday through to Thursday. Children can bring ONE treat on Fridays. The HPS committee voted to keep Friday as a “treat” day and in consultation with teachers it was agreed upon but certain conditions must be met.

One treat per child.

Treats must be an appropriate size. No share bags or large bags of sweets e.g. One large Crunchie is too much, fun size only.

Treats must be eaten at lunchtime. No treats to be eaten at first break.

Treats must be eaten inside to minimise litter outside.

What happens if children bring ‘discouraged foods/drinks’ to school?
• If these foods are brought to school, teachers will send them home again.

The children of Eglish N.S. are very keen to have healthy lunches and show a good understanding of what that means. We hope these guidelines will assist everybody in making healthy choices.


End of term parties, school trips, school events

Please note it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school about their child’s food allergies and we can adapt these guidelines if necessary.

Success Criteria

Children will bring a healthy lunch.

Children will be more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Children will make healthier food choices.

Parents will support the policy.

Dental health will improve.

Roles and responsibilities

This policy will be implemented by all the teachers in the school through discrete SPHE lessons and through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The HPS committee will continue to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle by organising events/activities and by informing pupils and parents using the HPS display board in the school.

Timeframe for implementation

This policy was implemented on 31st of August 2016.

Timeframe for review

This policy will be reviewed in June 2017.

Ratification and communication

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management and was communicated to parents through the parents association. Parents will receive a copy of the policy at the beginning of the school year.