Mobile Phone and Electronic Games Policy

Introductory Statement:

This policy was drawn up in response to technological advances, which have seen a significant increase in hand held electronic ‘gadgets’ amongst the school population over recent years.


  • Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, ipods, electronic game devices, etc. can be intrusive and distracting in a school environment
  • Strategies must be put in place to reduce the intrusiveness of unauthorised technology in a school situation
  • Some electronic devices may be harmful due to frequent use
  • Mobile phones and other forms of technology may be used to conduct bullying campaigns

Relationship to School Ethos:

The use of mobile phones and other electronic games can contravene the provision of a safe and secure school environment and may not be conducive to learning - a provision which is central to the mission statement and ethos of Eglish NS.


  • To ensure an environment in which use of technology is sensible and for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning.
  • To lessen intrusions on and distractions to children’s learning

Internal School Procedures:

The following are the guidelines for mobile phone/electronic games usage in the school;

  • Children are not allowed to use of mobile phones/electronic games during school hours unless specific permission is granted by the Principal or teacher for each individual time
  • Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones or electronic games into school unless requested to do so by the Principal or teacher.In exceptional circumstances, such as when out of school activities and after school games are scheduled, school tours etc., children may be allowed to carry a phone as parents may need to be contacted. Prior permission for these ‘exceptional circumstances’ must be asked and granted.Where permission is granted to bring a mobile phone on a trip, children are not allowed to take videos or photos of other children during school time or while at a school event
  • Children who need to contact home during school hours may do so through the school secretary using the school landline phone
  • Any pupil who brings a mobile phone or electronic game to school risks having it confiscated and not returned until the school day is over.It will be returned to the parent of the child.
  • Staff have access to the school landline if urgent calls need to be made to parents
  • Classroom supervision is usually organised if a class teacher has to contact other professionals or outside agencies in relation to a particular child
  • Staff personal calls and messaging are normally confined to break times
  • In front of students, staff are permitted mobile phone usage only in cases of emergency.If they must take or make a call which relates to an emergency, they must ensure that supervision of students is taken care of first.
  • Use of a staff member’s mobile phone / electronic devise is also allowed where it is being used as a resource relevant to a particular and explicit teaching / learning objective, ie. How to use the calculator / stop watch on a phoneetc….
  • Staff may use school device , eg ipads to record work / projects for assessment and record keeping purposes.
  • Staff should not use their own personal electronic devices to photograph pupils in school or on school trips unless permission is granted by the Principal in consultation with parents.The purpose for taking these pictures must be specified (eg. To print for children’s own records, for assessment of progress, to report and share educational aspects of a trip / event….) and pictures / videos deleted from personal devices after that purpose has been served.
  • Photos of pupils should not be sent to Staff personal devices.

Roles and Responsibilities:

All staffs share in the co-ordination and implementation of this policy.


This policy is monitored on an ongoing basis and amendments added as new technology comes on stream.


This policy has been in place since 16th of April 2018.