Eglish NS

Equality & Gender Equity Policy

Eglish National School seeks to promote the principles of justice and equality for all members of the school community. In this regard:

  • The enrolment criteria will not differentiate between pupils from different social strata. There is an equal right of access under the school’s Enrolment Policy.
  • It is school policy to provide a gender balanced range of resources in curricular areas - textbooks, ancillary materials, software, sports equipment etc.
  • Every opportunity will be taken to promote gender equality through the discreet and hidden curriculum
  • Teachers will ensure that the language used in the school to mediate the curriculum is gender balanced and will avail of opportunities to raise pupils’ awareness of unconsciously held attitudes
  • There will be no differentiation between the sexes in the allocation of classes to teachers
  • As agreed with the Board of Management and parents all pupils in Eglish National School will wear a school uniform
  • Nothing may appear in an advertisement which would indicate a preference for one gender over another
  • No question will be asked at interview which could be interpreted as discrimination on gender grounds
  • This school is an Equal Opportunities Employer.