Planning a School Trip

ŸPre-visit to establish basic costing.

ŸBook into site and book relevant transport.

ŸLetter to parents - this must by checked by the head teacher before being sent out, including details of times, lunch and clothing.

ŸEnsure permission slips for all children.

ŸOffice must have a list of all children and all adults on the outing, and which bus they are travelling on.

ŸOffice must have destination and journey route.

ŸOffice must have the name and telephone number of travel company.

ŸOffice must have copy of emergency contact lists.

ŸOffice must have access to parental home contacts for all involved, including adults.

ŸOffice must have approximate itinerary i.e.: times leaving school

Arriving destination

Leaving destination

Arriving back at school

ŸOffice should have emergency mobile contact number, if any.

Trip Requirements

ŸClass lists, showing any absences, and showing which bus each class and adult will be on.

ŸEvery adult must have:

1. List of children in own group.

2. List of all other children in the class s/he is helping.

3. List of which bus each class is on, and the names of the teachers in


4. Contact telephone numbers.

ŸEvery teacher must have:

1. Copy of ‘emergency action’ guidelines.

2. First Aid Packs.

3. 2 ‘Sick’ boxes for each bus.

4. Inhalers.

5. Packed Lunches.

6. 1 box of tissues for each bus.

7. 2 plastic bags for each bus.